Hyperbaric Therapy


What is
Hyperbaric Therapy?

Hyperbaric therapy is used for healing a variety of acute and chronic conditions, including autism, wound/burn care, anemia, radiation injury, dementia, vaccine injuries, and most recently, COVID-19 infections. Dr. Hemken offers this well-established, affordable and convenient treatment protocol using pressurized air, which increases oxygen in the blood to help heal affected tissues more quickly. In certain situations, oxygen via nasal cannula may be added. 

In addition to the current FDA-approved uses for hyperbaric oxygen therapy, numerous studies have shown there are now over 120 internationally-recognized indications. Hyperbaric therapy can be used off-label as a safe and effective treatment option to enhance your body’s healing process on a DNA level.

Dr. Hemken offers a $200 hyperbaric therapy consultation to discuss your concerns and decide if hyperbaric therapy is right for you. Hyperbaric consultation is included for members.

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